December 1, 2005

Intimate Domains – navigating areas of expertise

Posted in Communication, Project Management, Requirements, Writing at 10:08 pm by Scott Sehlhorst

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  1. Marcus has posted a complimentary article on his site at

    It’s worth a read

  2. […] Kevin talks in particular about how to communicate with different team members as part of incorporating UI designs into the finished product – by understanding that you need to communicate with people in the language to which they are accustomed. I just wrote about this same topic at a general level in my recent post, Intimate domains. Kevin provides great specific suggestions along the same vein. […]

  3. […] The goal of writing a requirement is not pedantic accuracy, it’s effective communication. In addition to crossing domain-boundaries with the different audiences that consume our requirements, we often are crossing language barriers and varying educational levels. It’s hard enough conveying concepts that presume contextual knowledge, our readers shouldn’t have to parse the text repeatedly. […]

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