December 14, 2005

Getting past the ‘suck threshold’

Posted in Design, Usability and HCI at 7:40 am by Scott Sehlhorst

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  1. […] This morning I was working on a “How to design unit testsâ€? document for my client, and I opened Watson, and I can’t tell you how good all of the links were, because the first one was so perfect. (Advanced Unit Testing, Part I – Overview, By Marc Clifton). While I was working away, I wanted to find a good link to an explanation of pair-wise testing, and in an intuitive place in the Watson UI was a widget that let me narrow my results – I entered “pair-wiseâ€?, and boom – first link again. It shows up as a sidebar on your desktop (like Trillian, ICQ and others), and can be minimized to the system tray (a lightbulb icon) I can’t tell you anything else about it yet, because I haven’t spent more than a total of 20 seconds interacting with the interface. To me, that’s high praise for the UI. And probably record time for clearing the suck-threshold. […]

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