December 22, 2005

Communicating a delivery schedule with use cases

Posted in Communication, Requirements, RM Software, Use case at 12:12 am by Scott Sehlhorst

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  1. Good observation regarding features versus use cases. As you mention, users don’t care so much about features per se; they care about accomplishing their goals. Scheduling around use cases helps product developers keep their eyes on the ball (focus on what matters to the prospective customer).

    In many cases, use cases often aren’t sufficiently granular (nor should they be) for scheduling. Craig Larman recommends dividing use cases into versions in such cases. I touch on this approach here:

    An example is a Purchase Items use case. You can break it into versions as follows:

    Purchase Items (cash only, no receipt)
    Purchase Items (cash, receipt)
    Purchase Items (cash and check, receipt)
    Purchase Items (cash, check, credit, receipt)

    That way you’re delivering end-to-end value to the user after every version.

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